Your Success is Our Success


Our Customers Deserve The BEST Quality Ice

We found that many of our competitors were producing, storing and delivering in flat out unsanitary conditions. Ice is a food product!
Our process is DIFFERENT:
We decided to use the very latest in water filtration technology, hands-free food grade manufacturing equipment and installed it all inside the finest food grade manufacturing facility we could find along the Wasatch Front.
Open a bag of our ice... You'll be the first human to touch what's inside!


NO MORE OUT OF STOCK! - Build Customer Loyalty

Our procedures are different:
We work with our customers to make regular deliveries, but if you need more ice sooner, then we'll make it happen. Why? Simple: You are our customer and your success is our success.
Your customers are one stop away from their next adventure. We'll make sure you are NEVER out of stock EVEN DURING PEAK SEASON. Your customers will remember where to stop for their next adventure.


Local Ownership, Eager to Serve Your Needs

From the Owners:
"Our children were born and raised here in Utah. We want to show this next generation that attention to product quality, together with outrageous customer service is not a thing of the past. We want to earn your trust by providing you what you need, where and when you need it. We, and our very talented team are ready... Are you?"