We are excited to introduce you to Mountain Brand Ice!  Our new locally  owned and operated, state-of-the-art food grade ice manufacturing facility is located in Ogden, Utah. Mountain Brand Ice manufactures enough premium quality packaged ice to fill the biggest of needs. 

We make enough ice to fill:

  • your favorite drink glass in .0899 seconds. 
  • your cooler in 12.58 seconds.
  • your backyard pool in 3 hours.
  • your apartment in just under 9 hours. 
  • If the Utah Jazz would let us fill their basketball arena we could do that too... that would take just a bit longer. (Mindless Utah Fact: Filling the swell next to Utah's Delicate Arch would take about the same amount of time as filling the LDS Salt Lake Temple). 

What doesn't take us long is getting you solutions to your ice program. Our extensive background in ice manufacturing along with our passion for providing exceptional customer service and a quality ice product clearly makes Mountain Brand Ice your best choice!